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District Organization


A nine-member Governing Board, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Florida Senate, oversees District activities by setting policy and administrating the District’s budget.  The Governing Board appoints the District’s Executive Director, who directs all Northwest Florida Water Management activities. The Florida Senate confirms this candidate.

Office of the Executive Director

The Office of the Executive Director contains the Executive Office, Bureau of Information Technology, and the offices of the OmbudsmanCommunications, and Intergovernmental Affairs. The Office of Executive Director is responsible for the overall management of the District and implementation of District policy, rules, plans, studies, and programs. The Office also coordinates Governing Board meetings and activities, implements the District’s information technology initiatives, manages outreach and communications efforts, monitors legislation related to District areas of concern, and coordinates with local governments.

Division of Regulatory Services

The Division of Regulatory Services implements several regulatory programs to help it better protect and manage the region’s water resources. The District’s regulatory activities include Water Use PermittingEnvironmental Resource PermittingWell Construction Permitting, as well as additional programs to authorize the construction, alteration, repair or abandonment of surface water management, and forestry projects.

Division of Resource Management

The Division of Resource Management contains the bureaus of Surface and Groundwater Management and Environmental Resource Planning. The division implements several programs focused on the District’s four core mission functions, including surface and groundwater monitoring, the development of Minimum Flows and Levels, springs and watershed protection, including the Surface Water Improvement and Management Program, various flood protection programs, and water supply development and planning.

Division of Asset Management

This division is responsible for the acquisition and management of District lands. The District owns and manages more than 211,000 acres to conserve and protect water and natural resources throughout northwest Florida, including river floodplains, headwater wetlands, coastal marshes and springs, and pristine bottomland hardwood and associated upland forests. Every acre of District-owned land is available to the general public for a wide variety of resource-based recreational purposes, while also achieving the District’s primary acquisition purpose — protecting water resources. This division also manages the District's Bureau of Information Technology as well as the District's facilities and vehicles.

Division of Administration

The Division of Administration is responsible for providing administrative support to the District in the areas of finance and accountingcontract coordination, and human resources.