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Mission Statement

The mission of the Northwest Florida Water Management District is to implement the provisions of Chapter 373, Water Resources, Florida Statutes, in a manner that best ensures the continued welfare of the residents and water resources of Northwest Florida.

Core Mission

The District works with state and federal agencies and local governments to achieve its mission through four primary functions, pursuant to Chapter 373, Florida Statutes.

Water Supply 

Ensuring a clean and adequate supply of water for the people and natural resources of the regions. This is done through a variety of activities, including water use permitting, water supply planning, and working with local governments to identify projects and programs to develop traditional and alternative water supplies, as well as conservation efforts that will help to ensure a sustainable supply of water for the future.

Water Quality 

Working to protect, maintain, and improve the quality of water resources across the panhandle. The District works to address water quality issues through a variety of activities including its Surface Water Improvement and Management program; springs restoration and protection projects; permitting; and land acquisition and management activities.

Flood Protection

Promoting flood protection through non-structural techniques. These methods include acquiring and maintaining floodplains, regulatory activities, and providing technical expertise to local governments and state and federal agencies for flood protection programs.

Natural System Protection

Protecting and improving natural systems in Northwest Florida through land acquisition, management, and ecosystem restoration activities. Across the agency’s divisions, the District works to protect and restore critical natural resources, including springs, coastal marshes, river floodplains and wetlands, for future generations.