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When available, public meetings conducted by the Northwest Florida Water Management District can be accessed from this page. The District uses its YouTube channel to broadcast some public meetings. Others may be accessed via telephone conference call. Click on the link below at the time of the meeting to access the live stream. Please contact the District's Public Information office at or 850-539-5999 with any questions. 


Upcoming meetings

June 1, 2021

Bid Opening
2 p.m. (Eastern)
ITB 21B-005
Well Construction and
Aquifer Testing in Gulf County

June 1, 2021

Committee Review Meeting
2 p.m. (Eastern)
RFP 21-001
Contractual Services – Algae Harvesting and Biomass Reuse
for Sustainable Nutrient Reduction in
Agricultural Runoff to the Gulf of Mexico

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Archived meetings

ITB 21B-001 (11/10/20)

ITB 20-011 (9/23/20)

ITB 20-010 (9/3/20)

ITB 20-009 (7/24/20)

ITB 20-008 (7/7/20)

ITB 20-007 (7/7/20)

ITB 20-006 (6/8/20)

RFP 20-001 (5/22/20)