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District celebrates 'Springs Awareness' at Capitol

TALLAHASSEE - Representatives from several of Florida's water management districts, including the Northwest Florida Water Management District, participated in a special "Springs Awareness" event at the Florida Capitol on Thursday afternoon. 

Jon Costello, a Governing Board member for the Northwest Florida Water Management District, represented the District at the event.

"On behalf of the District and its 256 springs, I applaud the commitment that continues to be shown by Governor Rick Scott, the Florida Legislature, and Secretary Matthews to protecting and restoring springs throughout the entire state," Costello said. "We are proud to stand with our friends from the other water management districts, DEP, and northwest Florida communities as we all continue to work toward the preservation of these precious natural resources."

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Since the beginning of Fiscal Year 2014-2015, the District has provided nearly $51.3 million for springs projects, which include restoration activities, acquisitions, septic-to-sewer projects, and Best Management Practices for agricultural producers.

"Not only do we appreciate the support from Governor Scott, the Florida Legislature and Secretary Matthews, but we take great pride in working closely with our local governments and communities to develop projects that make positive impacts on the springs in northwest Florida," said Marc Dunbar, Governing Board member for the Northwest Florida Water Management District.

In the last three fiscal years, the District has provided $30.1 million in funding for projects benefitting Wakulla Springs. Those projects have put Wakulla Springs on schedule to meet state and federal water quality standards.

The District has also provided funding for projects for Jackson Blue Spring ($11.19 million the last three fiscal years), Econfina Creek ($8.58 million), and Holmes Creek ($1.42 million).

For more information on springs within the Northwest Florida Water Management District, please visit