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Reports & Plans

Technical Reports

This web page contains a historical collection of technical reports and publications created by District staff during the course of their work. 

Annual Regulatory Plans

The Annual Regulatory Plan (ARP) is a legislatively mandated report which requires the Northwest Florida Water Management District to review its current rules to insure compliance with statutory requirements.

Consolidated Annual Reports

This Consolidated Annual Report consolidates several legislatively mandated plans and reports regarding the status of Northwest Florida Water Management District programs and water resources.

SWIM Plans

SWIM plans are developed to address, on a watershed basis, cumulative anthropogenic impacts on water quality and aquatic habitats. They incorporate comprehensive strategies to both restore and to protect watershed resources.  Implementation is accomplished through a variety of activities, such as retrofitting stormwater management systems to improve water quality and flood protection, restoring wetland and aquatic habitats, evaluating resource conditions and freshwater needs, protecting and restoring springs, and providing public outreach and awareness.

Water Management Plans

The District develops a Strategic Water Management Plan annually to define the responsibilities of the District, as well as the agency’s objectives, strategies, and success criteria.

Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Programs

The District updates its Five-Year Water Resource Development Work Program annually to provide a description of activities and funding to continue implementation of the District’s Regional Water Supply Plans.

Miscellaneous Aquifer Pump Test Results

This web page contain historical results of aquifer pump tests performed throughout Northwest Florida. 

Water Supply Plans and Assessments

Every five years, the District updates its Water Supply Assessment to evaluate whether existing and anticipated water sources are sufficient to meet future demands while sustaining water resources and associated natural systems. If the District determines that a region's water needs are likely to exceed available water sources in the next 20 years, the District will prepare a Regional Water Supply Plan, which identifies alternatives for meeting the anticipated future water needs (as required by section 373.709, F.S.).

Florida Forever Work Plans

Section 373.199(7), Florida Statutes, requires the District to annually update the Florida Forever Work Plan. This plan, which is also presented as a separate chapter in the Consolidated Annual Report, contains information on projects eligible to receive funding under the Florida Forever Act and also reports on land management activities, lands surplused and the progress of funding, staffing, and resource management of projects for which the District is responsible.

Springs Inventories

Spring inventories are a vital component of efforts to protect springs. District staff has conducted inventories of springs along the Chipola River, Choctawhatchee River, Econfina Creek, Holmes Creek, and St. Marks, and Wakulla rivers.

Statewide Annual Report on TMDLs, BMAPS, and MFLS

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection has published the Florida Statewide Annual Report on Total Maximum Daily Loads, Basin Management Action Plans, Minimum Flows or Minimum Water Levels, and Recovery or Prevention Strategies on its website pursuant to section 403.0675, F.S. This report includes the status of protection and restoration actions through total maximum daily loads, basin management action plans, minimum flows or minimum water levels, and recovery or prevention strategies. Visit for more information.