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The Northwest Florida Water Management District acquires land for the purpose of protecting the water resources of Northwest Florida.

Surplus lands are District-owned properties that are no longer needed for mission-related projects. Lands that are designated for surplus may be (a) offered for public bid; (b) conveyed by the District to another governmental entity; or (c) used in potential real estate exchange transactions. Periodically reviewing all real estate holdings and identifying surplus lands helps ensure that the agency is directly devoting public assets toward its multi-faceted responsibilities.

Any recommendation for the disposition of land is presented for Governing Board consideration in accordance with sections 373.056 and 373.089, Florida Statutes. 

Surplus Properties FAQ

Why is the District declaring some lands as surplus?

As part of the acquisition process, the District has occasionally acquired some acreage of lesser water resource value in order to obtain a larger piece of property that was vital to the protection of a water resource.  For example, a landowner may have been unwilling to divide a parcel offered for sale, so the District purchased the entire parcel, while recognizing that some portions offered less of a water resource value.

Surplusing lands by sale or exchange reduces the District’s land management costs and makes funds available for the purchase of lands with higher water resource value. All proceeds from lands sales are used for this purpose.

How do you decide if lands should be surplused?

District staff continually evaluates land holdings to identify tracts that are appropriate for surplus or exchange, such as tracts that are isolated from other District property and do not provide the highest value for water or natural systems protection.

When a parcel that is appropriate for surplus is identified, District staff makes a recommendation to the District’s Governing Board to surplus that parcel. The Board reviews these recommendations and may declare lands surplus, in accordance with Florida Statutes.

Can the public provide input about land surpluses?

The Governing Board’s decisions regarding surplus lands take place in advertised public meetings that are open for public input.

How much will the District charge for surplus lands?

Because Florida Statutes require the District to sell land at or above appraised value, the District will obtain appraisals on all property available for surplus. These appraisals will serve as a basis for the listing price.

What costs will a buyer incur when purchasing a surplus tract from the District?

The successful buyer shall pay for all costs incurred by the District, including but not limited to, those costs related to zoning changes, advertising, appraisals and closing costs. Closing costs shall include but shall not be limited to, a title search, exam and commitment, issuance of a title insurance policy if desired by the successful buyer, attorney’s fees incurred by the District, document prep fee, documentary stamp tax, recording costs and any other closing costs that result from the transaction.

Who should I contact if I’m interested in buying surplus lands?

Contact the District’s Division of Land Management and Acquisition at (850) 539-5999 or e-mail Carol Bert at