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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need to obtain a Forestry Authorization?

Any work in wetlands for silviculture purposes may need a Forestry Authorization.  Construction of a dam or pond may require also require a different type permit, such as an Environmental ResourceDam Safety or Agricultural Surface Water Management permit.  Please contact the Tallahassee or Crestview field office if you have any questions.

How do I apply for a Forestry Authorization?

A person who wishes to conduct activities that require a Forestry Authorization must complete the Forestry Authorization Notification Form, which can be submitted online or printed and submitted to  to the Tallahassee or Crestview field office.

Does a Forestry Authorization have to be submitted by the land owner?

No.  A Forestry Authorization Notification Form can be submitted by an agent such as a forester or logging contractor.

Is there a fee to receive a Forestry Authorization?

No. There is no charge to receive a Forestry Authorization.

How long after submitting a Forestry Authorization form can I begin to work? 

Work can begin 48 hours after Forestry Authorization Notification Form is submitted online or by mail.

How long after submitting a Forestry Authorization do I have to complete the work?

Forestry Authorizations do not expire until the work has been completed.