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Permitting Process

How do you obtain a permit?

A licensed water well contractor should obtain all permits for the construction, repair, modification, or abandonment of wells from the District. These permits must be obtained before work starts; the District can't issue a permit after construction, repair, modification, or abandonment of the well has been started.

Applications can be entered and managed online through the e-Permitting portal

Water Use Permits

Please keep in mind, that in addition to the construction permit, all non-exempt wells also require authorization for use of water.  Depending on a few different factors, this  authorization can be granted under a general permit by rule or an individual water use permit.  Contact District staff if you are unsure if your well requires a water use permit and if a water use permit is required, whether you qualify for a general water use permit or need to apply for an indivudal water use permit


If a requirement of the Regulation of Wells Rule creates a hardship, the applicant may request an exemption from that rule.  The applicant must state the nature of the hardship, which rule they are seeking relief from, and specify corrective measures to be taken to ensure protection of health and the resource.

What happens after a permit is issued?

After a well permit is issued, the water well contractor has 90 days to construct, repair, modify, or abandon the water well.  Any work done on the well after 90 days will be considered unpermitted activity.

Within 120 days of issuance of a permit, the water well contractor must submit a completion report to the District showing work completed under the permit or cancelling the permit.

The Water Well Contractor will receive a written notice listing well permits about to expire.  If the permit is eligible, the water well contractor may request a 90-day extension for the permit.  This request for extension can be submitted to the District in writing by mail, through the online permitting system, or by using the automated telephone system.