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Funding Programs

The Northwest Florida Water Management District provides or assists in developing funding opportunities for projects that help protect, maintain, or improve water resources. When available, project funding may be awarded to local governments, utilities, agricultural producers, and other entities.

In general, projects of interest must benefit one or more of the District’s core mission areas, including:

  • Water supply: alternative water supply development, water resource development, or water conservation.
  • Water quality: stormwater, wastewater, or other projects that improve water quality and/or provide a reduction in nutrient loading to a waterbody.
  • Natural systems: acquisition and restoration of measurable resource benefits to streams, lakes, wetlands, springs, or aquifers.
  • Flood protection: structural and non-structural flood protection or abatement projects.

For more information on current funding programs, click on the links below.

Water Supply Development Grants

Agricultural Best Management Practices

Additionally, the District works with other agencies to help identify current and long-term funding priorities across northwest Florida. More information on these efforts and how to submit a project can be found at the link below.

Springs, Stormwater, and Other Water Projects

For more information, contact Paul Thorpe at (850) 539-2643 or