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Status: OPEN

Read the 'District to Close Pitt, Sylvan Springs for Restoration and Protection' press release here.


Pitt and Sylvan Springs are just two of many springs along Econfina Creek and one of the most popular in the area for recreation. These springs contribute significantly to the clear water of Econfina Creek.

Unique Features

Pitt spring vent is located just north of Highway 20. The vent emerges from beneath a submerged limestone ledge into a 40-foot diameter pool. The mouth of the 50-foot run is on the west side of the creek approximately 600 feet north of the Highway 20 bridge. Maximum depth measured in the mouth of the vent is 11.5 feet but the conduit extends further and downward. There is a gentle surface boil. The vent is on Water Management District land and is used for recreation. Sylvan spring group is located in the Econfina Creek watershed and consists of several vents on the west side of the Creek.

Restoration Overview

Improvements included restoring Pitt Spring to a more natural condition that allows public/handicapped access for swimming and sunbathing. An expanded canoe dock, three new picnic pavilions, a permanent restroom with composting toilets, boardwalks and enhanced parking were constructed. The eroded Econfina Creek stream bank between Pitt and Sylvan springs was restored and a float tube launch dock was built just east of the Sylvan Spring-run to expand public access and recreation.Final designs include spring bank restoration, landscaping, a stone patio with steps into the spring, two sun decks, a canoe dock located at the end of the spring run, three pavilions, composting toilets, parking area, boardwalks and several interpretative trails.

The trail to Sylvan Springs was also improved and a small viewing deck constructed. A new parking area was built on Strickland Road with a trail to Sylvan Springs through a natural wooded area. Numerous unauthorized trails and entry points were closed and rerouted to boardwalks and established trails to reduce adverse impacts to natural resources.